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"Despite a lengthy list of cardiac symptoms my cardiologist told me there was nothing wrong with me.  Less than a month later I suffered a massive heart attack with 99% blockage in my LAD (the widow-maker)."  - Denise C. 

Denise C. - Founder

Fresh Start for Your Heart is a 501(c)3 organization.  
Our mission is to bridge the heart healthy food and financial gap that many heart attack survivors experience following a heart event.
Someone has a heart attack!
The  heart works 24 hours a day, pumping oxygen-rich blood to the body. When too little blood reaches the heart, the condition is called ischemia.  Chest pain or angina, may occur.
Heart disease facts, symptoms, risk factors and prevention
Heart healthy food and financial assistance after a heart attack for low income individuals
"I was traveling for work when I had a heart attack.   The doctor advised that,  medically, it wasn't safe for me to travel back to Dallas.   I stayed in Michigan for 3 1/2 weeks, at my own expense.   Our (my mom had joined me) airline tickets home were an expense that I had not planned. Once home, I could not return to work for 10 weeks.   When I did return it was on a part-time basis. I was fortunate to have financial support from family, church, friends as well as a critical illness policy."
Hundreds of heart attack survivors, don't have the money to pay for the medicine they need to keep them alive.  They don't have transportation to see their doctor.  And, often, when recovering from a heart attack they can't work and therefore can't pay for heart healthy food.
We're filling in the gap!