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Heart Disease Awareness

Fresh Start for Your Heart is committed to raising heart disease awareness through education and sharing stories of survival.

Heart disease is the leading

cause of death

Every 40 seconds someone has a heart attck

Every 80 seconds someone dies from heart disease 

Our Mission

To encourage heart healthier communities by connecting people to cardiovascular information, resources, and support. 


Our Founder

Denise Castille, MBA

Denise knew something was wrong but wasn't quite sure what exactly.  She surely didn't expect to have a widow-maker heart attack.  

She was told the symptoms of heart palpitations, chest pain, difficulty breathing, and swelling were "just" stress.  Moments before she was to board a flight she felt a crushing pain in her chest.  If not for the quick action of someone in the office, Farmington Hills Fire Department, and Botsford Memorial Hospital ER staff she would not have survived. 

Fresh Start for Your Heart was founded because Denise made a promise to "do it for someone else."   Another way Denise pays it forward is by teaching CPR through her company, Any Day CPR Training, LLC. 


Denise is living with heart disease and thriving.  

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