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About Us

Our Founder

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the U.S.  Every 40 seconds someone has a heart attack.  Every one minute someone dies from a heart-related event.  

When Denise survived the widow-maker heart attack she was unaware of these and so many other daunting heart disease statistics.   

Denise is the founder of Fresh Start for Your Heart because she wants to be impactful and intentional about raising heart disease awareness in underserved communities and helping heart event survivors thrive. 

Denise Castille, MBA

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A Heartfelt Beginning

At the heart of our journey lies a pivotal moment—one that unfolded unexpectedly and forever changed the trajectory of our founder's life. After experiencing a "widow-maker" heart attack while traveling for work, our founder, Denise, found herself in a challenging situation. With only one person at the office who knew how to help, swift action and knowledge became the cornerstones of her recovery. During her extended stay in Farmington Hills, Michigan, Denise experienced firsthand the impact of timely assistance and the significance of community support. It was upon returning home to Dallas that Denise, greeted by friends bearing an abundance of SmartHeart-healthy groceries, asked a simple yet profound question: "How can I thank you?" The answer became the seed for Fresh Start for Your Heart—"Do it for someone else."

Heart-Centric Renewal

Fresh Start for Your Heart has since blossomed into a 501(c) nonprofit organization committed to providing SmartHeart-healthy grocery deliveries to those in need, regardless of the type of heart event they've experienced. Guided by the principle of paying forward the kindness that was once extended, our organization seeks to renew lives and empower hearts through practical, compassionate initiatives.

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