Our Mission

Fresh Start for Your Heart, is a 501 (c)3 non-profit organization whose mission is to assist in meeting the financial and/or heart healthy food needs of individuals who have survived a heart attack or other heart event.  We meet the needs of heart event survivors by partnering with local social service organizations, hospital cardiac units, and referrals.  

We promote heart health and prevention of heart disease for pre-teens and teenage girls in at risk communities through our Start Healthy, Stay Healthy program. 

The Board

Fresh Start for Your Heart is a non-profit organization.  We follow a formal structure of advisors and board members.  The board is our governing body and they oversee all activities ensuring that we are visible, viable and effectively serving low income women who have survived a heart event.  

Our Founder 


Denise Maria Castille is a heart attack survivor.   She knows 1st hand the

exorbitant cost associated with post heart attack treatment.  She was

traveling for work when she had a massive heart attack.  The doctor, who she

credits with saving her life, would not release her to travel back home to

Dallas for 3 1/2 weeks.  

She had multiple doctors appointments while she was in Michigan.  

She and her mom had to Uber everywhere.  The tickets to fly home?  Yep, Denise's expense.  When they arrived back home close friends brought heart healthy foods.  Fortunately, Denise had a critical illness policy along with friends and family who helped bridge the financial gap during the 4 months that she could not return to work full-time.  

Realizing that lower income women might not be able to afford the life-saving prescriptions, the necessary cardiac rehabilitation, heart healthy foods and so many other costs associated with heart disease, Denise decided to start an organization to bridge the financial gap for individuals recovering from a heart event.  

While helping people recover from a recent heart event is paramount for Denise, it is imperative that cardiac conversations happen before unhealthy habits set in.  Denise is proud to add Start Healthy, Stay Healthy for at risk teenage girls to Fresh Start's programming.  


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