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Book Denise To Speak

Igniting Hearts with Versatile Insight

Are you searching for a dynamic speaker to inspire your audience and provide valuable insights into heart health? Look no further—Denise, our founder at Fresh Start for Your Heart, is not only known for her signature talk "Gradually, then Suddenly" but also offers a range of engaging presentations tailored to meet the unique needs and interests of your audience.


Versatility in Speaking Topics

Heart-Healthy Living Beyond Recovery

Denise delves into sustainable heart-healthy practices for everyday life,

empowering individuals to make lasting changes.

Navigating Stress for Heart Wellness

Explore practical strategies to manage stress effectively, understanding its

impact on heart health and overall well-being.

The Power of Community in Heart Recovery

Denise shares her personal journey and highlights the crucial role community

plays in heart recovery and renewal.

Nutrition and Heart Health

Uncover the secrets of a heart-healthy diet with practical tips, nutritional

insights, and delicious recipes.

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