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How We Help!

Heart healthy foods, financial assistance and education
for survivors of heart attacks or other heart events!


Eating heart healthy foods will help heart event survivors 

recover and reduce their risk of more heart problems.  Eating

heart healthy foods can be an expensive lifestyle to maintain.

We utilize AmazonFresh Delivery to ensure food is fresh for

recipients, when we can't personally deliver the food. 

Learn how to make healthier mealstips on eating less salt,

fat in foods and drinking alcohol.  


Hundreds and hundreds of heart attack survivors don't have the money

to pay for the life-saving prescriptions.  They don't have the transportation

to see their doctor.   And, often, when recovering from a heart attack they

can't work and therefore don't have the money  for heart healthy foods.  


It's hard enough to meet financial obligations when you're working but when 

you have to recover from a heart attack, it can be impossible.  Additionally,

the stress of a heart attack coupled with knowing they are falling behind

on bills or that they don't have 'extra' money for prescriptions can trigger

more heart problems.  

This is why Fresh Start for Your Heart provides food deliveries, and financial assistance to help survivors pay for transportation to doctor appointments, wheelchairs, prescriptions, and other needs. 

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A Living Healthy Workshop is held and offered quarterly for individuals living with 

heart disease.  The participants develop skills needed in the day-to-day

management of their condition with a goal of maintaining and/or 

increasing life's activities.  

The curriculum supports self-managed behavior modification and 

coping strategies to enable participants to better manage their health

condition(s), medications, and increase physical activity levels. 

Our next Living Healthy Workshop is Saturday, June 16, 2018!