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Heart healthy foods, financial assistance and education for survivors of heart attacks or other heart events!
We provide interactive programs for at risk teens aimed at preventing heart disease.


When Denise started Fresh Start for Your Heart she wanted to pay it 

forward after two friends showered she and her mother with heart

healthy groceries.  She also wanted to help with financial assistance 

because she learned first hand about the costs associated with a heart

disease diagnoses.  

The organization has provided heart healthy grocery deliveries, financial 

assistance and educational workshops on how to manage the chronic illness.  

All of these initiatives are necessary and relevant however they don't have an 

impact on changing heart disease statistics for the future. 

Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both women and men.  Every 40 seconds someone has a heart attack.  The only way to change these statistics are through prevention.  Our Start Healthy, Stay Healthy program is designed as an interactive 3-hour workshop to engage 11-16 year old girls on starting and staying healthy in the areas of:

  • Finances

  • Exercise

  • Stress Coping

  • Nutrition & Food

The participants always receive a heart health patch, lunch, an apron to decorate (and use during the healthy cooking challenge), a journal, and a stress ball (that they make).  Every class ends with a healthy cooking challenge.  

There is a nominal fee of $5 per participant.  


After Denise's heart attack she wasn't cleared for travel, back home to Dallas,

until a month later.  When they (she and her mom) returned to their Frisco, TX home

they were pleasantly surprised when two friends came bearing bags and bags of

heart healthy groceries. 


When Denise asked the ladies what she could do to thank them --- Karen responded,

"just do it for someone else."  Three years later Fresh Start for Your Heart was started to

"do it for someone else." 

We have a discovery meeting with the heart patient to learn about likes, dislikes, allergies, and number of family members.  After the discovery meeting a one time grocery delivery is scheduled with an area grocery store (i.e. Kroger, Walmart, Tom Thumb, Amazon Fresh, Albertsons, etc.)

Learn how to make healthier mealstips on eating less salt,

fat in foods and drinking alcohol.  


Hundreds and hundreds of heart attack survivors don't have the money

to pay for the life-saving prescriptions.  They don't have the transportation

to see their doctor.   And, often, when recovering from a heart attack they

can't work and therefore don't have the money  for heart healthy foods.  


It's hard enough to meet financial obligations when you're working but when 

you have to recover from a heart attack, it can be impossible.  Additionally,

the stress of a heart attack coupled with knowing they are falling behind

on bills or that they don't have 'extra' money for prescriptions can trigger

more heart problems.  

This is why Fresh Start for Your Heart provides grocery food deliveries, and financial assistance to help survivors pay for transportation to doctor appointments, wheelchairs, prescriptions, and other needs. 

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Denise captivates audiences with the way she tells a story and draws the listener

in.  She is known for inspiring participants to find their purpose through their

pain and perseverance.

She knows about heart disease, for sure, and gladly speaks on the topic but she

will customize a message for your organization or group. 



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